Initial Plan / Hypothesis

Initial Plan / Hypothesis

I need to talk to more potential customers. But in auditing my own experience what really helps me succeed is social reinforcement and encouragement.

Another memory from wrestling. Sorry. I was the only heavyweight on my team which meant I was by far the slowest runner on the team. When I was on my last track lap almost all of the team was already done. When I was struggling my teammates would run out to run with me through my last stretch. This is basically what it felt like:


Needless to say I always finished strong with my team running behind me.

Additionally meeting and marrying my wife has provided motivation that I haven’t felt in a long time. And part of that is just having someone who keeps me accountable and expresses concerns about my lack of progress.

I think the most effective part of my wife’s help is just her being around and helping me be mindful about what I eat.

For me there’s just something about knowing someone is watching. I wish I had the discipline to do it on my own but I clearly don’t. And I need to accept that if I want to make progress.

I know I’m extremely lucky to share my life with my wife who cares about me so much. And I know there are more people who care about me but just don’t feel comfortable saying how concerned they are.

So here’s the initial hypothesis: I’m going to find a form system to send out surveys to close friends and family. I’ll let them respond anonymously. Then use the responses to inform and encourage me via a mobile app.

The over arching hypothesis is that we’re not addressing the emotional support component of weight loss and management.

Adam Gutierrez
Weight: 452.5 lbs
BMI: 63.1
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