Sticking to the plan

Sticking to the plan

This is one of the hardest things for me to do in a number of areas in my life. I get excited about a new thing be it diet, workout, business idea, book or any other meaty idea that I can sink my attention into. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of upsides to having a healthy dose of curiosity. At the same time too much curiosity can complicate taking on significant challenges in life, that take time and consistency.

Losing weight when you have ~200 pounds to lose takes time and consistency to lose. In the past I have gotten excited about different diets and workouts. But that excitement is fragile any many ways because there’s always another potential diet or workout that is well-marketed or interesting to learn about.

I’ve done the same thing with my career, education, technological interests, side projects and even my relationships. But lately the thrashing around has begun to settle in ways that I am very happy with. A few years ago I met my wife and soon realized I was determined to spend the rest of my life with her. Settled. Around a year ago the startup I work at was clearly in need of someone responsible for the product. I asked for the opportunity and was given the chance to become a Product Manager. Which I have found to be a particularly good fit for my own skills and interests.

Now as I focus on reclaiming my health and active lifestyle I must settle into the plans I’ve made with my Doctor. I must settle into the plans I’ve made with myself.

And two weeks in, it is going pretty well. I’m down 15 pounds. Which is a lot but that is expected with a diet of this nature and the decrease in pounds has slowed down significantly in the past few days. But the number is still trending in the right direction.

I have also done a bit of thrashing in regards to the technology stack I will use to build the tools for focused weight loss. I have settled on a technology that is both exciting and I am familiar with. The tools I build will be using the Blockstack decentralized platform. Which allows the user to control their data entirely. Decentralization is not a feature that is crucial to weight loss management. But it will help me bootstrap the tools since I will be able to focus primarily on the user experience and not on a scaling up databases. With Blockstack the user stores their own data.

And with just some minimal tweaking and services, I’ve got a decent landing page at and I’m happy with the way the blog looks.

Now to stick to the plan of building some decent software, losing weight and sharing my experience.

Adam Gutierrez
Weight: 438 lbs

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